Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Great Escape

Who knew that the process of babyproofing your house is way more complex than just installing a few drawer and cabinet locks and covering the outlets! Not to mention the reconfiguration that is constantly happening around here. We have been "blessed" with a very adventurous child. We've already installed two baby gates and have been blocking in the play area of the living room with a suitcase too heavy for Olivia to move. Yesterday morning, it was pretty cold in here so we had to turn on the fireplace for the first time. George blocked off the fireplace using a portable baby gate, wedged between our entertainment center and end table, and reinforced it off with the suitcase we were using between the couch and chair. He blocked off the computer area by placing her exersaucer where the suitcase used to be. Well it didn't take Olivia long to figure out a very convenient way to escape the confines of the living room.

As you can see, she's discovered a shortcut via the exersaucer! Here she is making her Great Escape! Aaaggghh. This little one is keeping us on our toes!

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