Monday, November 27, 2006

Olivia's Photo Shoot

We spent much of yesterday afternoon setting up a photo shoot for our first family Christmas card. Olivia was the star, of course! Could she be any cuter?
We've decided to reveal the cutest pictures on the Christmas card instead of posting them here. Don't want to ruin the surprise!

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


As you can see, Olivia is having fun with Daddy and Ginger while I'm off at my 12 step program...

Hi, my name is Karen, and I'm a BabyLegsaholic. Ok, I admit...I'm an addict! I can't live without this new product I've stumbled leg warmers! Olivia is sporting her new pair, which George says reminds him of Mork and Mindy, and then he proceeds to make the "nanu nanu" sign with his fingers. But I digress...these BabyLegs are the coolest thing ever! So convenient for diaper changes, under dresses instead of tights, & to protect little knees from hardwood floors. I could go on and on! On Friday, my friend Carmen and I (whose little Emilia is one day younger than Olivia) went to the BabyLegs open house (they are based here in Seattle). I could hardly contain myself amongst the vast selection. Keep checking back for more picks of Olivia modeling her BabyLegs!

Fun Times with Dad

Daddy built Olivia a tent in the living room using two chairs and a quilt. They had lots of fun playing in there. Ginger did too...she has to be right in the middle of everything! Speaking of Ginger, she's a permanent fixture next to the highchair when Olivia's eating. Somehow, Olivia has gotten the idea that it's ok to feed the dogs her puffs and wagon wheels! I guess I should be glad we have dogs around to "vacuum" after mealtime.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Quack! Quack! Quack!

Olivia just recently became fascinated with ducks. Her Great Grandma Shirley gave her a duck that quacks and waddles. When we turn the duck on, Olivia flaps her arms and laughs, and then grabs the duck by it's beak. For a video clip of her playing with the duckie, click here

On Wednesday, we finally had a break in the torrential rain brought to Western Washington by something called the Pineapple Express. We decided to take advantage of the good weather and go for a walk at our favorite place in Seattle: Green Lake. We stopped along the walking path to see some ducks, and they started coming towards us. Olivia was so happy...just giggling away! A little farther around the lake, she got to see some duckies swimming.