Friday, September 18, 2009

Potty Talk

Olivia and Nate have developed a bad little habit lately. They insert the lovely word, "poop" into every possible nook and cranny of a conversation. Apparently they had quite a good time with George one night singing, "Row row row your POOP" which caused Nate to giggle wildly. It's their new favorite pastime. Unfortunately Olivia is calling her brother things like "poopyhead" and it's not quite as cute as the little song they were singing that night. Today we were on our way to get her flower dress altered. I told her we were getting her dress "altered" and she said, "ha ha I'm not a turd! Turd. Turd. You said I was a turd!" Ahh, thanks Dad.

I'm also going to blame this next story on Dad too. He has the propensity for using, ahem, colorful language while driving. Not always cursing, but when another driver annoys him, there's always a comment. While at a stoplight today, Olivia shouts from the backseat, "c'mon bluehair!" Not seeing an elderly driver near us, I asked, "why did you say 'bluehair?" She replies, "that car with the loud music playing." So, she doesn't really know what "bluehair" refers too, but she thinks that whatever annoying drivers around us are "bluehairs." I so enjoy trying to understand how her little mind works.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little Fishy

Olivia started swim lessons at the YMCA tonight. Reports from Dad indicate she had a ball and was impatiently waiting her turn to impress the teacher. I think I was about Olivia's age when I jumped in the Zukley's pool and decided to teach myself to swim. She is definitely following in my footsteps in that regard. She's fearless in the water.

Hopefully Nate will get a permanent spot in the Perch class. He's on the waiting list right now but they let him participate tonight because there were 3 no-shows. So, while George is helping Nate on one side of the pool, Livy is participating independently in the Pike Plus class on the other end of the pool. I think it will be a fun way for them to spend their Thursday nights. Maybe it will wear them out which means a stress-free bedtime for George!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Taking Daddy to the Zoo

We became members of the Philadelphia Zoo recently. George hadn't been there yet so one Sunday when it actually wasn't raining (a rarity this summer) we went for a visit.

In the primate house, we saw some rare White-faced Sakis. They look a little like our children!

In the Big Cat area, Nate got excited about this waterfall.

The petting zoo is always a big hit.

One last bit of fun at the fountain before we left. Next trip we are hoping to visit the new aviary. Olivia has also asked to ride the camels.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Flower Girl in Training

Olivia has been asked to be the Flower Girl in her cousin Tricia's wedding on Sept. 26th. We've been talking a lot about what Flower Girls do. She got to try her dress on recently to see how well it fits.

I found some silver ballet slippers at Target a few days ago. I asked her to try them on, hoping they weren't too big. She slipped her feet in, walked around a bit, then kicked them off. "These damn shoes! They're too big." I tried really hard not to laugh, I really did. This kid is lucky she's so cute. It's the only thing that saves her sometimes.

I'm going to try and take both kids with me to Michigan. So many of my relatives haven't met Nate yet and it would be a shame to travel all the way there and not take him. Getting through the airports might be interesting, but once we arrive, there will be plenty of extra hands. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Big Boy Birthday Bash!

Nathan Dean turned 2 on Wednesday, Sept 2nd. We had a little party at their favorite park on Sunday to celebrate. Our good friends, the Kou family, joined us for the festivities.

Nate had two candles to blow out. If you look closely, you'll see the one in the corner for Livy to blow out...

Poor Livy couldn't contain herself and kept blowing Nate's candles out too. I had to intervene. I remember once when I was a kid, Justin Hawkins blew out all the candles on my birthday cake. I was so devastated. I didn't want Nate to be scarred for life too.

Nate of course, cleans his plate. Livy asks for both cake and ice cream but always eats just the ice cream.

Doug and Christina Kou. She's my Pennsylvania Bestie. They moved her last year from Ohio. She's a nurse and Doug works for Merck. We really enjoy them!

Christina's parents were visiting from Ohio so they attended the big event also. Nate got some more trains, plus a Super Grover and Sesame Street bracelet from the Kous. Livy even got a present..a dinosaur, dinosaur book and matching Sesame Street bracelet. That was so nice of the Kous!

Olivia met a little boy, Luke, at the park. According to his mom, when he saw Olivia carrying around her dinosaur and dinosaur book, it was love at first sight for him. He loves dinosaurs too!

We played until it got dark out, hoping the kids would run off the sugar they ingested. On the way home, Livy was talking about her new friend Luke. Nate, who tries to say everything his sister does, started saying "Luke" but it sounded like "gook." We were coaching him on the anunciation, saying, "la la la Luke." He replied, "la la la gook!" He cracks us up!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Orchard Outing

Some cute pics of the kids during our berry picking adventures yesterday. We drove up to New Hope, PA and spent a few hours at Solebury Orchards.

We spent some time picking blueberries so daddy could make us a pie. Of course, Livy and Nate ate every one they picked.

Then we rode on a big wagon pulled behind the tractor out to the apple orchard. The Galas are ready to be harvested!

George saw a few good apples up high so he climbed right up! He was like our big Papa Bear in the tree!

Nate loves his sissy. It was a really nice day !