Sunday, June 24, 2007

Country Weekend

Many of you razzed us when we moved from the big city onto Hay Field Lane. On Friday, the hay field adjacent to our yard was getting it's first cut of the summer. That night, I was doing dishes as the smell of manure wafted thru the open window. Made me think of the Green Acres tv show. I was feeling a bit like Zsa Zsa.

Last nite we loaded Livy up for her nightly walk around the neighborhood. Poor Buster, who turned 12 last week, is having some trouble with his back leg. We tried to load him up for the ride. He only made it to the end of the driveway before jumping out. He laid in a shady spot on the lawn until we got back. On the way, daddy picked Olivia a morningstar, a buttercup, and a wild rose which she ate, petal by petal. We also saw a deer on the far end of the hay field by some brush. We've seen tracks on the dirt road, and some deer "berries" in our yard so we knew they were amongst us. It was neat to see one!


Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

Poor Buster! He's definitely on the backward track. Wow, they are cutting the hay. I wonder how many tennis balls are included in that hay! Gooo Livy in her red wagon! :)

Karen said...

I was wondering about the tennis balls too! Moose lost his stash!