Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cookie Time!

Last week we had the first visitor from my side of the family fly in from Florida: my niece Kathy. She hasn't seen Olivia since she was 9 months old, and of course, wanted to meet Nathan. She was here with us for 4 wonderful days! Olivia really enjoyed her and she was a big help to me...keeping my kitchen clean, my dishes done and even cooked us dinner one night! Thanks, Kath!

Kathy is always keeping Olivia outfitted in the cutest Gator gear. Here she is modeling her pretty Gator dress. It has matching bloomers that say "Gators" on the butt. Sooo cute! Olivia can't pronounce Kathy's name, so she was calling her what sounded like "Cookie." Olivia was running around constantly saying things like, "Cookie! Look!" or "Cookie, read book." For the first few days after she left, she'd wake up from her nap and say, "Cookie?" Too bad Cookie had to go bye bye. We miss her already! Here is Cookie with Nattie man...

Kathy says she misses the kids too. She's worried that next time she sees us, Livy will be able to say, "Kathy" and won't call her Cookie anymore. Don't worry Kath. You'll always be Cookie to us!

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