Saturday, October 18, 2008

Things Kids Say

So this morning, our landlord's husband stopped by to meet us and take care of a few maintenance issues. We spent a few minutes visiting with him and introducing the kids. He made the mistake of talking with Olivia about Halloween costumes. He says, "I'm thinking of being a pirate. What do you think of that?" Olivia responds, "and Nate's gonna be a pee-nus!"

Oh Lord.

This isn't the first time Olivia has suggested one of us dress up like a penis. Usually, we're talking about Halloween, how she and Nate are going to be pirates, and she'll suggest that Daddy be a penis and Mommy will be a 'gina. At least she's got the right part paired to each of us. It just brings up that whole debate about using correct terminology or cutesy names like pickle and cookie. We've used those kind of names too but I figured it was time to talk to Olivia about the real names. Boy did that bite me in the butt. Maybe I should have waited?

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