Saturday, October 10, 2009

The TV Cart

Grocery shopping with kids in tow has taken on a whole new meaning...I visited a store yesterday that had revolutionary TV Karts. We've all seen the shopping carts with the little fire engine seats on the front for the little ones who need to rush to the 5 alarm fire in the aisle 11. The TV Kart puts the fire engine to shame. Imagine shopping while your brood sits comfortably in the seats while watching Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse, or Special Agent Oso. The screen is about the size of a portable DVD player and there are parental controls on the upper portion of the cart. While they enjoy their cartoons, parents can even enjoy a series of commercials or a brief show on parenting tips. I wish I could say that the novelty of the TV Kart kept my two entranced for the entire journey thru the store. Unfortunately, it would have taken a visit from Special Agent Oso to pry the kids off of each other as they wrestled and pushed at one another. It's a great idea, and while the novelty of the TV Kart wore off quickly, it did make me wonder what else is being developed to help mom get thru the grocery store with two unruly children.

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