Monday, June 30, 2008

Wonderful Worms!

Since our fishing trip to Lake Como in May with Greg and Cheryl, Olivia's fascination with worms has not only persisted, but grown. She and George have a special spot in the corner of the yard where they dig for worms on a daily basis. She likes to find a big fat nightcrawler and carry it around the yard with her. When it gets too dry, she dunks it in the water table. She takes it on the swingset with her and talks to it. "Having fun Mr. Wormy Worm?" she asks? When we think the poor worm has had enough, we tell her it's time to put the worm back with his friends. "They're having a worm party and they miss him" we tell her. She happily trots over to the special spot and puts him back in the dirt. We need to find her a worm farm. She would get such a kick out of that. It reminds me of my fascination with salamanders that lived in our window wells when I was a kid. Isn't that the wonderful thing about watching your children experience life? It reminds you of the wonder of YOUR childhood. Too often we get caught in the rut of being adults and taking life too seriously. Watching Olivia run around the yard enjoying her wormy worms reminds me that it's the simple things in life that bring great joy. Like worms...and a great new pair of shoes.

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Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

:) hahah! Maybe we can take credit for her inspiration to worms! So the green machine is gone! It kicked the bucket! Here's to a new era!