Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Nate News

Ahh the babies. They change so fast. Nate is ten months old today. I thought I would honor the momentous occasion with a little update on his progress.

First the vital statistics: he was 22 pounds and 28.5 inches at his 9 month checkup which puts him at the 68th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height. I mentioned his two teeth in a prior post. He is doing a great job of feeding himself and actually gets quite irritated if I try to feed him baby food. He usually shovels the food in faster than we can cut it up. He is drinking out of a sippy cup now and his favorite treat is to sneak a guzzle or two of Olivia's chocolate milk if she leaves it laying around. He screams when I take it away. Imagine!

He is well on his way to walking. He pushes this little walker all around the house to get from point A to point B quickly. He is also able to stand unsupported for 10-15 seconds at a time, even lifting a pillow over his head twice while standing up.

Loves to play peekaboo, pulling a blanket over his head, or ducking around a corner or under a piece of furniture. We remember fondly this time with Olivia. So much so, I decided to dig out a few old pictures of her for comparison.

His hair is also getting long enough in back that it's beginning to curl. Curly hair AND dimples? Oh my. What a ladykiller he'll be.

And, who can forget the fishy lips? He has finally figured out how to make this silly face.

Besides "da da da" he is also sometimes teasing me with a "ma" or a "ga." He makes this funny face when he's spurting out the syllables that looks like he's an old man without his dentures in. He presses his bottom lip tightly against the top, almost in a snapping motion. I found a picture of Olivia making a similar face too.

We're still working on the sign language. He is clearly signing "puppy" but hasn't started the other signs yet. Hopefully he'll get the others soon. We definitely can't believe his first birthday is just around the corner. Olivia has already decided he should have a tractor cake. I think he'll "dig" right in to that! We sure have enjoyed the last 10 months with our little man. He's a sweetheart with a good sense of humor already developing, and quite the "pistol" as George would say. He'll keep me busy for sure once he starts walking!

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