Friday, July 04, 2008

Big Girl Bed

A few days ago, we converted Olivia's crib to a toddler bed. So far so good. Except for the 2nd day she napped in there. I heard a loud THUD followed by some crying and went in to find her on the floor next to her bed. OOPS. There's a guardrail on the side but it only covers half the length of the bed. She flops around a lot when she's sleeping and must have flopped to the end of the bed and then fallen off. Poor thing. That hasn't happened since. Knock on wood.

I was just telling a friend that I was waiting for Olivia to figure out she could get out of the bed after we put her in there. Well I must have jinxed myself because nap time the following day was very interesting! First I hear a "sshhh" coming down the hall. I go investigate and there she is standing at the baby gate telling Charlie "sshhh" as if he is supposed to keep her secret, that she has figured out she doesn't have to stay in bed. She wants a snack. Oh here we go! "OK, a little cheese but you have to get back in bed" I tell her. A few minutes later I hear her attempting to scale the baby gate, and then she starts to cry. Must have scraped something. I go to check on her and she's back in bed but now needs a "baybaid" on her knee. Translation: band-aid. I get her patched up and leave the room. Maybe third time's a charm? She finally falls asleep and when I go to check on her an hour later, this is what I find:

Thirty minutes later I checked again and she was still sleeping but in this position:

Just wondering how her legs knew to support her weight, even in a deep sleep? I guess the same way my arm knew how to support my head when I fell asleep in class? Oh, I mean when I was "studying the capillary patterns of my eyelids" as my highschool botany teacher put it. But I digress.

Now if I could only get her potty trained...

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