Monday, March 16, 2009

Backyard Fun

George spent most of the weekend assembling a small swingset for the kids. He got lots of help from Nate. They were bonding.

Olivia has been swinging like a madwoman. Her favorite thing to do is swing on her belly. (Sorry for the sideways video. I still can't figure out how to rotate a video.)

When she swings the regular way, she always wants an underdog. Nate likes to climb up to the slide platform and then climb back down.

Mostly he wants to run around the yard chasing Charlie with a stick or try to ride the tricycle through the pine needles.

I think we need a big vacuum for the back yard. No way am I raking all of that. I know there must be grass under there somewhere though. Next thing on the list is to get some sand and fill the sandbox. Spring is on it's way. Forecast is 62 on Wednesday!

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