Friday, September 18, 2009

Potty Talk

Olivia and Nate have developed a bad little habit lately. They insert the lovely word, "poop" into every possible nook and cranny of a conversation. Apparently they had quite a good time with George one night singing, "Row row row your POOP" which caused Nate to giggle wildly. It's their new favorite pastime. Unfortunately Olivia is calling her brother things like "poopyhead" and it's not quite as cute as the little song they were singing that night. Today we were on our way to get her flower dress altered. I told her we were getting her dress "altered" and she said, "ha ha I'm not a turd! Turd. Turd. You said I was a turd!" Ahh, thanks Dad.

I'm also going to blame this next story on Dad too. He has the propensity for using, ahem, colorful language while driving. Not always cursing, but when another driver annoys him, there's always a comment. While at a stoplight today, Olivia shouts from the backseat, "c'mon bluehair!" Not seeing an elderly driver near us, I asked, "why did you say 'bluehair?" She replies, "that car with the loud music playing." So, she doesn't really know what "bluehair" refers too, but she thinks that whatever annoying drivers around us are "bluehairs." I so enjoy trying to understand how her little mind works.

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