Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Flower Girl in Training

Olivia has been asked to be the Flower Girl in her cousin Tricia's wedding on Sept. 26th. We've been talking a lot about what Flower Girls do. She got to try her dress on recently to see how well it fits.

I found some silver ballet slippers at Target a few days ago. I asked her to try them on, hoping they weren't too big. She slipped her feet in, walked around a bit, then kicked them off. "These damn shoes! They're too big." I tried really hard not to laugh, I really did. This kid is lucky she's so cute. It's the only thing that saves her sometimes.

I'm going to try and take both kids with me to Michigan. So many of my relatives haven't met Nate yet and it would be a shame to travel all the way there and not take him. Getting through the airports might be interesting, but once we arrive, there will be plenty of extra hands. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

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