Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Olivia is Two!

Olivia had her golden birthday on Saturday. She turned 2 on the 2nd, which is also Groundhog Day. I guess Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter (bah humbug) but things were warm with friends and good times at our house as we all helped Olivia celebrate her special day "Happy Feet" style. Friday night Theresa and I worked on the cake and cupcakes. She did a great job on the cupcakes, didn't she?

The two youngest members of the birthday brigade, Noah (with sister, Bree) and Nathan wished they could get in on the pizza and cake.

Here is the birthday girl wearing her Mumble mask and enjoying her pizza. Andrew said it was a good thing the mask didn't have a mouth so they could eat AND wear their masks.

Bree and Olivia posing for a picture after the pizza, and waiting for the cake!

After we finished singing Happy Birthday to Olivia, she broke out into Jingle Bells so we all chimed in on that song too. It was so funny! After Jingle Bells she blew out her candle, just like a pro!

Olivia, Andrew, and Bree enjoying their cake and ice cream.

Olivia had so many presents to open that it was almost like Christmas! I wish I would have gotten a picture of the mess in the living room. Bree and Andrew helped her get the packages opened and they all had fun playing with her new toys. One of the most popular toys was the doctor's kit from Elijah and Joshy. All three kids were taking turns being the doctor and finding a patient to heal. Olivia also spent quite awhile in front of her easel drawing. Unfortunately, she still thinks the walls and other vertical surfaces are fair game for "art work."

All in all, it was a great day, filled with fun and friends. It's hard to believe that our little girl is two already, and even harder to believe that in 7 short months, our little boy will be celebrating his 1st birthday. Time flies when you're having fun!


bellemanda said...

Happy Birthday Livia! Aido was super excited to see these photos! He started yelling Livia and Nana and Karen! He misses you and hopes to see you soon.

Karen said...

It's so cute to see the cousins getting excited about each other, isn't it? We hope to see you again soon too!