Thursday, February 28, 2008

Multiple Milestones

It happened almost overnight. Nathan is sitting up, unsupported, for almost a minute at a time now.

I am very excited about this because 1) Olivia started sitting up at about the same age, and 2) I promised myself that as soon as he could sit, we'd go and get his portraits done again. We have the cutest one of Olivia sitting up, naked, with her butt to the camera, looking back over her shoulder at us.

The "back to the camera looking over the shoulder" is the hottest new pose on the red carpet. Minus the nakedness. Unless you're Tara Reid. But I digress.

He is also getting ready to crawl. He is getting his knees up underneath him almost effortlessly. He's just not sure what to do with his arms yet. So, he either rocks back and forth, or propels himself forward and does a semi-face flop. I am guessing within the next few weeks he'll have the arms figured out and be burning rubber around the house. At least we don't have stairs to contend with anymore. Hallejulah!

I think I can, I think I can...

Whew! I need a rest!

Arm fatigue sets in.

Here he is the next day. Notice the drool hanging. This crawling thing is hard work! Ahh phooey!

I hope to be posting some full-blown crawling pictures soon!

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