Saturday, April 19, 2008

Digging In

Nate is still not officially crawling, but he sure is getting around by just digging his little elbows in and pushing with his knees. He's becoming very curious about what lies down the hall, and isn't shy about heading off on his own to explore. I've found him in my room, Olivia's room, and the spare bathroom. It only takes him a minute or two to disappear and I'm off to hunt him down.

Here he is heading down the hall and coming around the corner.

All sorts of neat toys are hiding in his big sister's bedroom and he has decided to get down there one way or another. Nate and Olivia were putting on a concert. Livy's in the background banging on the drum. It was music to my ears!

He's also not shy about heading off on his own when we're away from home either. On Tuesdays we spend the morning at Indoor Gym. It's held in an old elementary school gym and there are lots of toys for toddlers to play with, ride on, and slide down. The last time we were there, Mr. Independent just crawled off chasing after a ball. Didn't even look back at mommy. He's got places to go, and toys to find!

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