Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dinosaur Diaries, Vol. 1

Olivia got a box full of dinosaurs from Grandma. There were baby dinosaurs that looked a lot like the characters in The Land Before Time, squishy dinosaurs that have dragon-like characteristics, and a few others that are a bit more realistic looking. She has been playing with these creatures non-stop! She likes to line them up below the aquarium in what she calls their "cave."

She also likes to line them up on the windowsill and make them "grrr" at each other, bite each other, or nip the other's tail.

It's really funny to see her imagination at work. Yesterday, she shared her apple and yogurt snack with a dinosaur. Anything to get her to eat healthier snack. Unfortunately, one dinosaur has even been used as a weapon against her brother, inflicting a slight injury to his forehead. That earned her a timeout and the dreaded threat to send the dinos back to Grandma if she couldn't behave!

Nate has been enjoying the dinosaurs too. He especially likes to chew on the squishy ones. Here he is trying to maneuver the whole dinosaur into his little mouth. YUM!

Who knows what the Vol. 2 of Dinosaur Diaries will bring!

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