Friday, April 04, 2008

Apres Nap

Lately, Olivia's been waking up from her naps with some interesting bits of info. She's had a cold for the last week or so and has had the typical stuffy nose to go along. The other day she calls out to me from her crib, "Mama, pick up me!" When I enter the room, she's standing up and she has already taken her binky out. Her pointer finger is raised and she says, "Look! Boo-oogie!" After I wiped off her finger, she goes digging for more gold, so to speak. She tips her head back so I can see up her nose. "More boogies, mama?" And then asks, "Mama have boogies?" So, I let her take a peek. Fair enough. But then she tries to stick pointer up MY nose. No way Jose!

Today, she wakes from her nap after only 30 minutes. Again, she's calling for me, "Awake!" This time, she tells me, "Big poopie! Stinky. P-U!" She was dead-on with her description. While I'm changing her diaper, she tells me, "Room spooky" and "spooky monkey." I imagine she had a bad dream about a monkey. She told George about it when he got home too. I think he finally convinced her that no monkey was going to get her. We'll see what kind of stories she wakes up with next!

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