Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Snack Dance

I've written before about Olivia's love of fruits and vegetables. That's not to say she doesn't also love candy and ice cream; however, I *do* consider myself lucky that at least she is getting most of her recommended fruit and veggie servings daily. Were it not for her occasional request for pork or steak I might consider her a wannabe vegetarian. The other day she snuck into the kitchen and opened up the fridge. She comes out requesting some celery, stalks in hand. I cut her up some celery and then low and behold she spies the strawberries on the counter and wants those too. After she and Nate were snacking on their celery and strawberries, she began to dance around and sing about her love of celery and strawberries. It went something like this:

"I love celery!
I love strawberries!

They are my favorite snacks!

I wish I had it on video! It was super cute! Here they are enjoying their celery and strawberries.

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