Friday, May 15, 2009

Ta Daa!

Here are Nate's first pair of big boy drawers! Of course he's not potty trained yet but at least when he wants to parade around in underwear he'll have his own to wear instead of stealing his sister's!
This is the cutest lil butt I've ever seen. My baby is growing up...

We're still struggling to keep a diaper on him. He pulls down his pants and peels the diaper off. He loves to run around the house "commando" and then pee on my floor. The only thing I found that semi-works (or at least slows him down) is to put overalls on him. It took about a week before he figured out how to escape those too. He keeps outsmarting us! We're running out of options here trying to keep the little stinker clothed! He's one determined little nudist.

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