Monday, May 04, 2009

Kitchen Helper

Olivia loves to help me in the kitchen. Yesterday I was making meatloaf and as usual, she asked to help. After I got all the ingredients in the bowl, I let her mix them with her hands. She pulled her hands back out of the bowl and said, "Ew yuck. Rotten bloody meat!"

I swear this girl is part vegetarian. On the way home from the movie theatre, George was hungry so we pulled into BK. She immediately asked for one of his tomatoes, and then some lettuce. She's not interested in any other part of the burger. Tonight at dinner, she ate all her brocoli and asked for a 2nd helping. She did thank me for making a yummy dinner. I asked her what she liked the best and she said, "the brocoli and the meat." I am grateful that I have a child who loves fruits and vegetables. Her brother is a little more selective about his veggies. He loves potatoes and tolerates peas and brocoli. He's just like his daddy!

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