Sunday, June 14, 2009

Don't Talk to Strangers!

On the way to the park a few weeks ago, we began to have the "stranger" conversation with Olivia. We began with the definition of a stranger.

"A stranger is anyone you don't know."

We elaborated: Even if the person looks nice, they are still a stranger. If the person has a puppy in their car they want you to go pet it, you tell them you're not allowed. If they want to give you candy you say "no." If they grab you, yell "HELP" as loud as you can, then poke them in the eye and kick them in the ouchy spot. Then I began to role play with her.

"Hi little girl. I've lost my puppy. Will you help me find it?"
Olivia replies, "sure!"
"No! You're supposed to say "no!"
"Oh, okay."
Let's do another one...
"I've got some candy in my car if you want a piece."
"Oh yeah, I love candy."
"No! Remember, never take candy from a stranger. Do not go to a stranger's car! Yell 'help" and kick him in the ouchy spot!"

By this time we've arrived at the park. Walking from the parking lot, Olivia spots the first family (of strangers) she sees and walks over to them. "Do you like strangers?" she asks. Before receiving their response she adds, "just poke 'em in the eye and kick them in the ouchy spot."

Well at least I know that if she befriends a dangerous stranger, she'll know how to defend herself. She's a hoot!

On Wednesday we went to a different park for a picnic and play time. The kids had big fun on the equipment and in the sandbox. Olivia found two older boys to play with (probably 5 and 7). She was bossing them around. "Chase me! Now, you count to three and I'll hide." The boys were very gracious about playing with a younger girl. I'm sure they're at the stage where girls have cooties. When it was time for them to leave, the younger boy brought Olivia a little bouquet of weed flowers he had picked out of the grass. Plus a big dandelion! What a sweet little boy! His mama is obviously teaching him well.

Nate's new favorite thing to do besides say "NO!" of course. I think he learned this new trick from his sister.

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