Friday, June 12, 2009

Holy Bejeesus!

Olivia resisted her nap today, as usual. At about 5pm she called from upstairs that she was awake and had a good nap. I doubted this, as she had been making noise for almost the entire time she was in her room. I walk into the room and scream! The first thing I see is a pair of scissors lying on the floor. My eyes move next to the clumps of curly blonde hair scattered about.
By this time, George is running up the stairs, having heard my cries. He begins to get very upset. I am just thankful she didn't hurt herself with the scissors and less concerned about the bald spots on her head. I actually began to giggle.

I remember when I gave myself a haircut. I was at Aunt Peggy's preschool and had run out of construction paper. Apparently Carolyn Cade wouldn't share any of her paper with me so I whacked off a ponytail. I promptly received a very short pixie cut.

So, I consider this an inevitable occurrence. A rite of passage. The hair will grow back but we'll always have the memories!

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