Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here Fishy, Fishy.

Yesterday we met George's friend from work, Frank, along with his wife and 3 month old baby at a nearby park. The boys wanted to do some fishing. Of course, Olivia and Nate wanted to drown a worm or two also. They even have their own special poles: Scooby Doo for Livy and Spider Man for Nate.

George caught two fish with the Scooby pole as soon as we arrived. It was very exciting.
Apparently these are some smart fish though. No one caught a thing after the first two that were reeled in. They were not going to be fooled. Olivia was getting increasingly frustrated. She'd walk along the bank of the pond saying, "Here fishy fishy."

Per usual, she seems more interested in inspecting the bugs. You may remember our first fishing trip to Lake Como where her love affair with worms began.

What trip to the pond would be complete without at least one child falling in? Nate decided to take a slightly more direct route to catching fish: jump right in with them. George's back was turned to the tackle box as I saw it happening from a few feet away. Per MY usual in an emergency, I can't speak. I just blurt out nonsense sounds. Yesterday it was "WOOT WOOT!" Seriously. No joking. Everyone knows I have something to say about everything. But when it comes time to sound the alert, I become a mute. This is highly aggravating to George of course, who slid into the water to rescue Nate. "Why couldn't you have said something" he asked. "Well, you heard my alert sound, then a splash. You're a man of science. I knew you'd figure it out."

So, Nate was soaked and scared, but uninjured, except for any pond scum he may have injested that is incubating into some sort of superbug by now. Sure to win the "mom of the year" award, I didn't even have a spare set of clothes for him. I did have diapers though! Do I get points for that?

Nate loves geese and ducks. He caught sight of this one and began chasing after it, calling "bawk bawk!"

We sat patiently and waited to see how close Mr. Goose would get to us. In this shot, I wasn't using any zoom. He was very brave and curious. I kept hoping he wouldn't turn and nip at one of us. I'll never forget getting chased down by a ferrell goose at the KOA when I was a kid. I didn't want Nate to be emotionally scarred for life like I am. I was ready to take that bird down if he got too close with that beak.

Back to try our hand at some more angling. Nate loves to pretend to cast like Daddy. It's really super cute. Here he is looking like a little Huck Finn, sitting on the shore just waiting for a fish to bite. I wish Grandpa Dan could see his little anglers in action. He'd be so proud!

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