Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ahh B C's

We have been singing the ABC song for awhile now but Olivia is just starting to sing along. She sings, "Ahh B C..." and any letters she sees are the Ahh B Cs. On the way home from lunch, I hear her in the back seat singing, "Now know Ahh B Cs..." Love it! I also have some Mary Engelbreit letters that spell out our last name sitting a shelf and she knows that spells Alkire. It's so cute to hear her say her name, "O-liv-ya Alkire." Today she announced that she was, "pretty Olivya." Yes, indeedy. Can you tell I'm smitten? I think she's pretty nifty.

One of her Sesame Street DVDs is the All-Star Alphabet. They go through each letter and sing about words that begin with each letter. Her favorite seems to be J. They sing, "J. J. Jumping J!" She sings along and jumps around. Sometimes she gets so worked up that she starts making laps around the living room and kitchen, just running frantically, all the while singing, "J. J. Jumping J" and inserting an intermittent jump every now and then. Who says tv is bad for kids. Phooey with a P!

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