Thursday, March 20, 2008

Two-Way Radio

Olivia thinks the baby monitor is a two-way radio and she becomes very concerned when she hears Nate's crying being broadcasted. Sometimes when she hears him crying she'll say something she's heard George or I say like, "C'mon Nate! or calm down!" when he's really howling. I do try to encourage her to talk sweetly to the baby so I'll prompt her, "Tell him 'it's ok baby.'"

So this day, she was listening to the monitor and announced, "Nate crying" just in case I didn't hear it already. Then she spoke into the monitor, "It's ok Nate." "Keep talking to him" I said. "He can hear you." So then she starts whispering gibberish to him and just like magic, he stopped crying. "See, I told you he could hear you." "Wow" she said with a tone of wonderment in her voice. Amazing!

A few days later she awoke from her nap and heard Nate fussing in the living room. She told me, "Nate hungry. Milk. Nate need nursing."

Here she is helping me feed Nate his solid food. She did a really good job getting the spoon loaded and into his mouth. He opened up nice and wide for her! Imagine that.

What a little mommy she is already!

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