Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Backyard Fun

Slowly but surely the weather is starting to improve here in Montana. We are taking full advantage of the warm days by spending time in our newly fenced back yard. With a few adjustments, the fence is now keeping both the kids and Charlie in. George has been getting the garden in and has started his mowing rotation. As you can see, the dandelions are taking over. That didn't keep Olivia from posing like she was in a field full of tulips or poppies. To her, dandelions are just another flower.

Nate likes to play in the exersaucer outside. He's not sure about crawling in the grass. Besides, wouldn't want him to find a little Charlie/Buster 'present' hidden in the grass. Keeping him confined is much safer.

The behind the scenes glimpse of what was happening in the picture below... as you can see in the picture above, Nathan seems perfectly content. He suddenly became kind of cranky, and when i picked him up out of the exersaucer, there was some poo on the back of his leg. YUK. Then Olivia noticed that there was also some excrement on the floor of the exersaucer. "Look mommy! Pooooop!" Fun in the sun. Diaper changes are oh-so-lovely these days. He wiggles and turns and does whatever he can to avoid the dreaded diaper change. We experienced that to some degree with Olivia, but her brother is WAY stronger. I often find myself having to literally pin him down with one of my arms while I frantically wipe away at the bum with the other hand. It's a good day when the diaper gets changed and i don't get any poo on my shirt. oh the joys of parenting. Anyways, this particular day, i must have had the diaper on a little caddiwompus. It didn't adequately contain the mess and thus, interrupted our day of fun in the sun.

We also got to see Nanny and Grandpa for Memorial Day weekend. George had just finished building a deluxe sandbox, complete with sun umbrella. It's designed to stand at waist height for the kiddos, but Livy likes to climb right in. I added my barely creative touch by stenciling some dinosaurs on the sides and painting the legs contrasting colors. Olivia is having so much fun with that sandbox. Even though it was cold and windy last weekend, all she wanted to do was play outside in the sand. Good job George! Olivia will be the envy of all the playgroup kids.

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