Sunday, May 11, 2008

country bumpkin

ahhh I struggle with decorating. not just the money required, but making a decision on a theme and following through with it. Lately I've become interested in the whole "country" look. Not for the whole house, mind you, but I thought I'd do a small room, like our bathroom. I found a super cute "bath house" shower curtain with star rings and a matching soap dispenser. then I bought a coordinating rug and valance. then I got stuck. what to put on the walls? fortunately, Nate's recent portrait session provided the answer to my dilemma. He had a picture taken in a little wash tub. I ordered the print in sepia, found the PERFECT weathered, rustic wood frame 50% off at Michael's and voila...

Our little country bumpkin provided just what that wall needed. Thanks, Nate, for being so darn cute!

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IrishMommy said...

Great Idea... Love it!