Monday, May 05, 2008

Rise and Shine!

**disclaimer: my right hand shift key is not working. Instead of trying to use the left shift key for all caps, I'm just rolling with it. some of my words which should be capitalized will not be due to my laziness and refusal to use the left shift key for every dang cap I need to type. this keyboard malfunction is very upsetting to this former middle-school newspaper copywriter, but such is life. but I digress...

for some reason, the kids have been getting me up at 6 lately. this is very disheartening to me. i like my sleep and so far, Olivia has been happy to comply. Often I have to go wake HER up or she'd sleep the day away. Her usual wake up time is around 8:30am. Nate seems to like 7am. I can deal with that. Usually I just go into his room, lay on the bed and nurse/cuddle him until Olivia wakes up. but at least twice in the last week at least one of the kids wakes up ungodly early and refuses to go back to sleep. Here they are during one of these episodes.
Okay, now which one of you woke us all up? whoever said that the early bird gets the worm had it all wrong. In our house, the early bird makes mommy grumpy. I need my beauty rest. If I had taken a self-portrait that morning, you'd all agree. SCARY!

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Rana said...

I would be happy if Hailey slept until 6:00! She is usually up by 5:30 and on a very good day she may sleep until 5:45!