Friday, May 30, 2008

Fishing with Friends

Our friends from Seattle, Greg and Cheryl, spent the weekend with us earlier this month. Cheryl had never been fishing, and Greg hasn't been fishing since he was little boy back in Australia. Since we have beautiful Lake Como right down the road and it has been recently stocked with fish, we decided to take them fishing on Saturday afternoon. Here is Olivia helping daddy carry the supplies down to the lake.

She's ready to bring in the big one!

Olivia had so much fun playing with the worms. She was not scared at all and dove right in to examine, stretch, and otherwise manhandle the poor nematodes.

The boys.

The girls.

After about an hour, the kids had their fill of fishing. George drove us home, then went back to get the fishermen about an hour later. During that time, Greg had reeled one in, and a friendly old man down the shore a bit had caught his limit and gave them 3 more fish. His secret was using mini marshmallows on the hook before putting the worm on to make it float better. George "prepared" the fish at the lake, then brought them home and grilled them.

What a nice weekend!

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