Saturday, April 25, 2009

It Was a Hot One!

We spent a few hours today at the Whitemarsh Township's 10th Annual Township Day. By the time we got there at 1:30pm, it was already in the high 80s and not a cloud in the sky. With the kids lathered in sunscreen and ride tickets in hand, we headed towards the inflatable attractions. Olivia patiently waited in line, gave the man her ticket, and crawled cautiously into the bouncy structure. She then promptly decided there were too many kids in there and backed out. She was brave enough to try the next bouncy thing but stayed right at the front by the door where she could see me. She's very cautious about these kind of things.

We stopped by the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game and Olivia wanted to try. Olivia's instructions were to close her eyes, turn around three times, and then try and pin the tail on the donkey. Instead, she maybe closed one eye, turned about 1/4 of a turn, and then walked right over to the donkey and stuck the tail on the perfect spot. It was cute, and she won a prize. She picked out a pink inflatable ant!

While Livy was bouncing and playing games, Nate got to spend some time looking at the fire trucks and police vehicles. George said he really enjoyed that. By the time we met back out, George was worn out and sweaty from chasing Nate in the intrepid heat. We decided to wait in line for a pony ride and then call it a day.

Olivia made fast friends with this little boy who was in line behind us. She was very interested in the prizes he had collected, particularly a little sticky octopus. She waited very patiently for her turn to ride and appeared so confident that they gave her the biggest pony they had to ride!

Here she is looking like a pro on Gem the Pony.

We decided to let Nate take a ride too. He held on like a little champ and didn't seem scared at all. When I asked him tonight if he enjoyed his pony ride, he nodded his head emphatically "YES!" and then kept pointing to outside. I think he's already looking forward to his next pony ride.

Despite the unexpected heat, Whitemarsh Township Day was a nice way to spend a few hours with the kids. On the way home, Olivia asked if we can go to Sesame Place next. So many fun things to do! We need to plant a money tree to fund all these activities. Or win the powerball.

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