Thursday, April 23, 2009

Please Touch Pt. 5

I'm sure I've read Alice in Wonderland at some point but being of the MTV generation, my most prominent Wonderland memory is of a trippy Tom Petty Alice in Wonderland themed music video. I'm bad about books anyway. I love to read, but rarely remember much of the books I've read. This area in the museum was really neat. It made me think that I need to read the book again. I'm sure some (or most) of the magic of the story was lost on me. Olivia and Nate had fun in this imaginary land though!

Olivia had a spot of tea in the Duchesses' Kitchen before stopping by the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

The toddler area in Wonderland was Fairytale Garden. Young and old alike revisit their favorite fairy tales. Olivia was milking a cow with udders that felt life like and when squeezed, caused the cow to moo. This scared Nate. He wanted no part of that. He did like the goose and her golden eggs though.

There was a wooden replica of a boat that Nate really enjoyed. He liked to be at the helm steering. It was funny to see the little boys gravitate to this area while the little girls were more interested in the play house.

My favorite part of Fairytale Land was the "Three Little Kittens" area. There was a little clothesline with a basket of mittens and clothespins below. Olivia had fun hanging up the little lost mittens while I read the nursery rhyme to her which was stenciled on the wall behind the clothesline. It's just really neat to see how they were able to bring the fairytales to life in an interactive way for the kids. Again, they thought of everything!

We finished our day with a musical Rainforest Adventure. Check back for that post!

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