Saturday, April 11, 2009

Please Touch Museum Pt. 2

The next area we visited was Roadside Attractions. There were pint-sized Indy cars that little mechanics could fix with removable parts. Nate had a ball driving his Indy Car, while Olivia seemed more interested in being a part of the pit crew.

While exploring modes of public transportation, Nate decided to drive a city bus and Olivia opted for a relaxing ride on a SEPTA train.

The picture below is Olivia climbing inside a real Scion with buttons and a dashboard that the kids can operate. There's also a gas pump and air hose that the kids can use on the car. I thought that was totally cool.

There was one roadside areas we missed: a construction zone where kids who are patient enough to tolerate the long line can operate a bulldozer and move balls around a pit. It looked really cool but the kids were too excited to wait and ran on to the next area.

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