Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Please Touch Museum Pt. 4

In City Capers, the kids got to explore different attractions commonly found in a city. There was a mini McDs where Olivia practiced putting together a burger. "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, on a sesame seed bun." After constructing her burger, she slid her tray over to the cashier and paid. As most of you know, Olivia loves to play "McADonald's" at home so this was a big hit.

Then she was off to work her shift at the local children's hospital. She gave the baby a thorough exam before putting her in a crib for a nap. This might have been her favorite part of the city. She kept running around the ward inspecting other kids and their "patients" and making sure her baby was covered up in the crib properly.

After finishing her shift at the hospital, Olivia hopped on her scooter to visit the community gardens across town. After all, it is Earth Day and smart girls live green by conserving fuel.

She busied herself planting flowers and Nate helped her cart the plants from one garden to another.

One thing I was really impressed by throughout the entire museum were the 1) enclosed toddler areas with plenty of things for the 3 and under crowd and 2) the abundance of thoughtfully placed seating for the adults adjacent to the play areas. They've artfully included the seating in a way that blends right into the exhibits. I kept thinking, "they've thought of everything!"

The last stop in City Capers was a Construction Zone. This was so cool! Nate and Olivia spent the majority of their city time here. You'll see there is a big dump truck with a bed full of foam bricks.

The kids got right to work moving the bricks from the bed of the truck to the nearby conveyor belt. Turning a crank on the side of the conveyor moved the belt up and into the adjoining structure.
Here you can see Nate climbing into the construction area where Olivia is in the background working with a team of kids to build a brick wall.

There was also a place to unload the bricks into a wheelbarrow for transport back to the dumptruck. Really, this was such a cool area. Kids were running around with little hard hats on moving the bricks back and forth like little worker bees. We had to practically drag them from the construction site. Afterall, Wonderland awaits.

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