Monday, December 24, 2007

A Christmas Story Moment

Ahh it's that time of year when we huddle around the tv, watching corny christmas movies from our childhood and reminiscing. Fortunately for us, Olivia is such a little performer that she actually re-created one of my favorite christmas movie scenes. Surely you've seen the classic, A Christmas Story. Remember? The little boy, Ralphie, who desperately wanted a Red Ryder BB Gun and his classmate who got his tongue stuck to the light pole on a triple dog dare? Well Ralphie's little brother has eating issues. His mom is always trying to get him to eat. She even resorts to having him imitate a pig. "How do little piggies eat? Show mommy how little piggies eat!" He dives into a mound of mashed potatoes, eating and snorting. The other night at dinner we served that jellied cranberry stuff in a can. Olivia loves the stuff. She wanted to eat ONLY that but eventually George got her to eat the other items by bribing her. If she would take a bite of turkey, she could have cranberry. If she took a bite of potatoes, or stuffing, she could have more cranberries. We actually got her to eat quite a bit that way. At the end of the meal, we cleaned her up and let her out of her chair. George and I were finishing our dinner when I realized she was out in the living room, and had stolen the rest of the cranberry off the table. I didn't get a picture of her in the act, but she was leaning over the dish of cranberries which was sitting on her toddler chair. She had her hands behind her back like she was bobbing for apples and her face was buried in the cranberries. Here is the physical evidence on the cranberries. See, the teeth marks are consistent with those of a sneaky toddler with an insatiable appetite for cranberries. Here is Olivia after her A Christmas Story performance. How do little piggies eat? Show mommy how little piggies eat!

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