Saturday, December 08, 2007

Look Mama!

I just had to laugh earlier today when Olivia came running into the kitchen. She was speaking very excitedly, saying, "Look Mama! Joo!" (Translation, Look Mama! Juice!) I followed her into the living room and she ran over to the window sill to show me the juice box that had been spilled all over. She was wearing an expression that told me she was just as surprised as I was to see that mess. It must have been some uncontrollable force of nature that dumped out that juice! Lately, I have been asking Olivia to help me clean up when she makes a mess. She really enjoys taking the rag and wiping up the spill. I think she enjoys it so much that she is actually MORE inclined to make a mess because she knows she will be required to help clean up. I will just be thankful she's willing to help in the aftermath of these natural disasters!

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