Sunday, August 31, 2008


As Olivia's vocabulary expands, so does her entertainment value. She really does speak well for a 2 1/2 year old but some of the little twists she puts on things are pretty funny. Here are a few of my faves:

Tater totter - we have a teeter totter on the swingset that Olivia has confused with her favorite fried potato snack. "I want to ride the tater totter."
Tootlip gloss - Aunt Patti bought Olivia some little tubes of lip gloss for Christmas. When she loses her lipgloss she asks, "Where's my tootlip gloss?"

Wig-ear: ahh the glorious time of year when the creepy crawly earwigs invade your home. If Olivia sees one she screams, "Look mom! A wig-ear!"

When we were pulling into the bank's parking lot the other day, she said, "Oh, we're at the piggy bank?"

Root "beard" - her favorite soda to steal from daddy.

Pirate talk - we found a pirate hat and sword at a garage sale. A few days ago in the car she was wearing the hat and we hear, "Arrrrgh matie. I want a jelly bean" coming from the back seat.

Shlippery Sloap - she wants to wash her hands all the time and use her "shlippery sloap" I hope she doesn't turn out to have OCD. The little lisp she gets when talking about her soap is so cute and reminds me of the Brady Bunch episodes when "the youngest one in curls" has a lisp. What was her name? She had to repeat over and over, "Suzy (something) seashells by the seashore."

We have a book from the library that has all sorts of flowers in it. She can name all of the flowers now...rose, iris, tulip ("tootlip"), daisy, sunflower, lily, morning glory, and zinnias ("ginnias").

Probally/cuz - everything is probally instead of probably and cuz instead of because. She'll also pause after a sentence and add, "anyways..." which, if you read my posts, I say (write) quite often.

She's learning how to say her friends' names correctly. Here are a few examples of the way it sounds and the actual name:

Sippy = Sidney

Quiet = Wyatt

Wheeler = Taylor

Sara = Cierra

Krisfofor = Kristofor

Hayla = Makayla

Deff = Beth

Physically, she is changing also. She can now walk up and down steps without holding my hand or a railing. She is beginning to learn to dress/undress herself. She tries to put her shoes on and of course, on the wrong foot. EVERYTHING is "I can do it myself."

Her bedtime routine has also become a bit more detailed. Inevitably, after we read the books (at least 2-3) and sing songs (never less than 2), she suddenly has a boo boo and needs a "baybaid." "What kind of band-aid" we'll ask. "Bunge Bob (Sponge Bob) baybaid." She also insists on being gently tickled while I sing. She thrust an arm, or expose her belly, or stick a leg in my face depending on what she wants tickled. Last night I was singing "Lullaby" to her, and when I sang, "go to sleep little baby..." Olivia corrected me and said, "I'm not a baby. I'm a big girl."

The final funny thing that we've just noticed is she's making up nonsense words now. The "gooblededictylop" this or that. Then she krinkles her nose and laughs in spite of herself. She fancies herself quite clever when she invents these words. She's got a great imagination and it's just a matter of time before she dreams up an imaginary friend too. Then they can speak the gobledygoop language to each other. Never a dull moment around here!

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