Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Long Few Days

This round of interviews is over. Whew! I realize I say that like I'M the one who was being interviewed and is all worn out by the process, but in fact, I am worn out. It's hard taking care of two little ones without any help! Oh, and they missed their daddy. Olivia got to talk to him on the phone several times. She told him to be a "good boy on the airplane and have fun, ok daddy?" After Nate got to "talk" to daddy, he kept going to the mudroom door saying, "da da. da da" (That's the door George enters through when he comes home from work.) All day yesterday Olivia was whining about seeing her daddy. We shopped till we dropped, ate dinner at the Cracker Barrel, and finished the day with a trip to the mall to play on the choo-choo. Nate was so funny. He just trotted around, trying to keep up with the bigger kids, and climbed up the stairs to the choo-choo look out at the top of the slide. He played peek-a-boo and giggled, giggled, giggled. We got drenched three different times. Yeah, I picked a great day to haul kids in and out of stores. We checked into the hotel, had bathtime, then tried to settle to sleep. Nate had a really hard time. Once I got him to sleep, I laid down with Livy. She fell asleep pretty quickly. George arrived shortly after midnight, then had to get up early for his interview. While he was interviewing, I got the kids dressed, loaded the car, finished a few errands and then we met for lunch.

So, anywho...both interviews went well and he'll probably be getting the offer from Philly on Tuesday. He is scheduled to talk to the HR person at the Red Cross tomorrow morning. He thinks both jobs would be good, but definitely seems more excited about the Philly job, although staying here in MT would be nice. He flies to Memphis on Friday, 9/5 and back that Sunday. Nice of them to schedule his interview on his day off and use the weekend for travel time so he goes right back to work that Monday. Gee, thanks.

I'll post again when I have more information!

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