Saturday, August 02, 2008

Olivia's 1/2 Birthday

Olivia is 2 ½ today and Nate is exactly 11 months old. I’m hoping to get Olivia potty trained this month, starting after we get from Livingston next weekend. I got some helpful tips from other mommies in my group and so I’m actually getting excited about this new phase. I’ve decided to make Olivia the “Potty Princess” and incorporate that theme to make the training more fun for both of us. I bought her a princess crown that she only gets to wear on her “throne” and a princess coloring pad that she can use to pass the time. So far, she’s been really into her coloring pad, but the novelty of the crown has already faded. I’ve heard that potty training can be hard work and requires a lot of patience. I’ll give it my best shot. It sure would be nice to only have one child in diapers.

This 2 ½ year old is certainly a chatterbox. She’s entering the phase where she’s full of questions. Often it pertains to names of people in the family. Her favorite line of questioning as of late goes something like this, “What’s your name? What’s your mommy’s name? What’s your daddy’s name? What’s his dog’s name?” Or “what sound does an angel make? What sound does a robot make?” She often chatters to herself when she’s playing alone outside or in her room. Definitely starting to see the imagination bloom. Yesterday she was outside playing in the sandbox just having a little conversation with no one in particular. Then she came to the door asking, “Mommy Kitty Cat, can I come in? Meow.” That’s her other new favorite thing. Pretending she’s “something,” and I’m the mommy “something.” She’s also very into telling us her emotions. Unfortunately, I’m hearing a lot of “Mommy, you’re making me angry!” I guess I’m glad she’s in touch with her emotions. She better get REAL in touch with that one (anger at mom) because I’m sure it only gets worse with time. “Mean ‘ol mommy” as she says when I correct Charlie. She doesn’t like me talking sternly to anyone, including her puppy. Well, excuuuse me!

Oh, little Nate. Getting to be such a big boy. He has 4 teeth now and is attempting to walk all over the place. He had a bit of a setback with walking last week when he was sick. We definitely saw a decrease in his walking following that. As of yesterday though, he seems to have picked right back up where he left off. He’s pointing at things he wants, shaking his head “yes” and waving hello. He’s a bottomless pit when it comes to meal times, often using both hands to shovel the food in. Little ringlets are forming in the back of his hair. So adorable. He gives kisses now too. They are the funny, open mouth kind and he moves his head towards our mouth in an abrupt pecking motion. He is such a little lover boy.

So that’s the update. Things change daily though so keep checking back.

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