Thursday, August 14, 2008

Job Search

As many of you know, George has been busy looking for new gainful employment. He's pretty disenchanted with his current situation and who could blame him? After taking a pretty steep pay cut AND having to sit around most days with not enough to do, he's over it. I've been emailing some of you updates on the job search but I think I might just start posting updates on the blog for those of you that are interested. I'll catch you up to speed as best I can... I'll just do it alphabetically by location.
Bozeman, MT: In-person interview 8/8. Seemed very positive. Next step is to meet with the owners who actually make the job offer. As of today, they are still deciding who to bring back. Bozeman is a great city and only 30 minutes from his folks. The down side is that it is really expensive to live there. Rent is similar to what we paid in Seattle. We would likely live about 10 miles away in Belgrade if he was offered the job.
King of Prussia, PA: Just outside Philly, this is a position working in a GSK facility but he would be employed by a different company that is based in Madison, WI and has 10,000 employees nationwide. We could put in a few years there and then transfer to some place more desirable, like Madison. He also thinks this job has great advancement potential. He's flying there on Tuesday, interviewing Wednesday and then flying back that night. Supposedly they'd want him out there to start by 9/8. Not sure how that would happen!
Memphis, TN: Transfer position. Video conference interview has been rescheduled several times due to technical difficulties with the video conferencing equipment in Memphis. Was supposed to interview today, but now it's looking like it will either be Monday the 18th, or they'll just fly him down to interview. Upside to this job is that he would keep his current benefits/retirement package and because they make only OTC products (Poli-dent, Tums, Goody's Headache Powder, BC Powder) it would be more stable.
Missoula, MT: This job is with the Red Cross just an hour north of where we live now. He will either be interviewing late next week some time or early the following week. This job includes 25-30% in state travel.
So, who knows what the next month holds for us! Keep checking back for more updates!

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