Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This Way or That

Well I thought we were going to Philly...they counter-offered yesterday and it was a more than reasonable increase, suprisingly so, actually. They must really want him. Apparently, so does Memphis. He called the HR person yesterday to withdraw himself from consideration since he was planning on taking the PPD position. She was so flabbergasted that he was considering other positions that she mentioned she would try and get him a job offer over the phone, sight unseen. The Memphis interview thing has been such a fiasco and it seemed as though they were dragging their feet - his initial phone interview was on July 10th! I don't think either of us thought she was serious about foregoing the interview and coming through with an offer, but...George heard today that they are planning on contacting him with an offer tomorrow morning. He still hasn't received his offer letter from PPD yet so this puts us in a really good position to have two offers in hand and make the best choice.

We also had someone come look at the house last night. One of George's coworkers and her family moved here from Cali about 6 months ago and their lease in town is up. She has two little boys - one who is starting kindergarten, and another who is almost two. They are interested in starting to move in middle of the month, as soon as we vacate. That's a great relief to us. Our landlords have been wonderful and we'd love for them to rent the house again immediately without any lapse in rental time. George called him today and updated him so hopefully he's contacted Tanya already.

We also put the Corolla and the tractor up for sale last night. A couple has already called about coming down to get the car tomorrow night for their daughter. So, things are moving right along. Now if we only knew if were headed to Memphis or Philly...

More on that tomorrow!

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