Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Apple or Candy?

As you know, we spent the weekend with George's family in Livingston. The visit got off to a fabulous start when, within 30 minutes of arriving, we realized Olivia was awfully quiet, then we heard a crunch. Olivia comes into the living room with a broken glass ornament in her hand, shards everywhere, including in and around her mouth. We rush over and get her to spit out as much as she can, then take her to the sink to try and rinse more of the glass out. There's blood, though fortunately, not a lot. She had a small cut above her lip and probably some small ones in her mouth. My father-in-law works at the hospital so he calls the ER nurse and she tells him to send us down in an hour so we don't have to wait. Long story short, the doctor didn't see any cuts in the back of her mouth to indicate that she had swallowed any of it, and the x-ray didn't show anything either. The ornament was coated with a red aluminum so it would have shown up if she had swallowed any. Except for the x-ray, Olivia was very cooperative. To get her to open her mouth nice and wide for the doctor, we told her to open up like Mumble on Happy Feet when he sings his heartsong. It worked! She opened as wide as she could. Good girl! We were told to watch for any signs of internal bleeding, like vomiting blood, stomach pain, refusal to eat, or black stools. We haven't seen anything like that, thank goodness! I still wonder what made her bite into that must have looked like an apple or candy?

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The Mommy said...

My Mom's coworker has a young son and she was just telling me that her son ate several ornaments last year and managed to eat one this year as well, the whole thing! Kids do the weirdest things huh?