Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I Love Deer

This morning before Olivia had awaken, I saw a herd of whitetail deer walking in the alfalfa field behind our house. They are regular visitors around here and the evidence of them visiting our yard is abundant. Did you know that deer poop looks like little berries? LOL Maybe that was TMI. We can also see where they have pushed away the snow to get to the grass underneath. Despite the frequency of their visits, I still get excited when I see them. I knew Olivia would be sad she didn't get to see them so I took some pictures for her. When she got up, I told her about the deer and showed her the pictures. She said, "I love deer. I hold it." One nice thing about living outside of town is that Olivia has really gotten to enjoy the wildlife. While she was eating breakfast, we looked for birds outside. We didn't see any, but it's just a matter of time before the doves come looking for something to eat. Maybe we'll get a picture of that too!

We're supposed to get a winter storm here today. They are predicting a foot of snow over the next two days. At least now I have a vehicle that won't get stuck in my driveway. Nathan has his 4 month checkup tomorrow and we don't want to miss that!


Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

Pretty deer!

Karen said...

Yes, wouldn't you like to see them for yourself? LOl

We have a brand new queen bed in the spare room, ready for you!