Saturday, January 05, 2008

Battle of the Binky

I am officially waving the white flag. The Battle of the Binky is over. I am *so* relieved.

I caved. I couldn't take it anymore. She wore me down. I don't think that was her intent, but she did. Clearly she was trying to tell me that she was not ready to part with her binky.

Tonight was the first night since the battle began that I didn't dread bedtime. It was a peaceful time, like it used to be. She laid down in her crib and went to sleep without a peep. She was probably exhausted from her struggle the last four days. I know I am.

So, thank you, everyone, for all your support and advice. It was really helpful. Even though I decided not to follow thru with my original plan, I don't consider it a failure. I consider it a success because I listened to what she was trying to tell me, and I was able to admit that I was wrong. Not the easiest thing for me to do.

Happy New Year!

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