Friday, January 25, 2008

Yummy or Yukky?

We've been feeding Nate rice cereal during dinner every night. We're trying to teach him how to eat, and make him feel included. Plus, he longingly eyes all of our food as we shovel it in so we know he's interested in the whole solid food thing. Not to be left out, Olivia has been asking for rice cereal too. She must think he's getting something special. Tonite I finally agreed that after Nate was finished, she could have a spoonful. I wish I had a picture of the face she made after taking that fateful bite. She, as all people do when they realize that what they have just put in their mouth tastes like absolute sh*t, stopped chewing, swallowed *gulp*, and then stuck her tongue out and spit whatever remnants were left out onto the table. When asked if the rice cereal was yummy or yukky, she emphatically replied, "YUKKY!" Duh.

On the other hand, her new favorite thing to say is, "I love it." You've seen in a previous post
that she loves deer. Today we were watching the baby channel and different colors were flashing on the screen. Red. "I love red. I hold it." Blue. "I love blue. I hold it." And so on. I guess it's good that she knows that we need to hold the things we love. She just hasn't figured out that you can't actually hold a color...or a deer for that matter. What a character!

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