Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Man Cave

One of the reasons we wanted a three bedroom was so we could have a spare room, for guests of course, but also to house George's computer. He likes to retreat in there after the kids go to bed to decompress, listen to music, and play some games. I *lovingly* call it, "The Man Cave."

Here is Nate laying on the bed in the man cave.

He likes to hang out in the exersaucer while daddy plays on the computer. I think they also do "man things" in there that us women aren't supposed to know about, like fart and scratch themselves. Here he is cooking one up, or maybe it already happened? He looks proud of himself though, doesn't he?

Either he just got gassed out by daddy, or he's had about just enough fun for one afternoon.

Unfortunately for George, he is about to lose his man cave. We have decided to put Nathan's crib in there until he is sleeping well enough to move into Livy's room. I keep trying to reassure him that it's only temporary and one day soon he'll have his man cave back. I'm not sure he believes me though. I asked him the other day to get the computer moved into our bedroom before his folks arrived on Friday, and he admitted that he's holding on to his man cave for as long as he can. He's trying to delay the inevitable. Poor guy.

Now that I look at it again, maybe the picture above was taken right after Daddy told Nate that THEY were losing THEIR man cave...

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